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About Us

Jain Temple

Welcome to the International Digamber Jain Organization a USA based non-profit organization, our mission is to create and bring together the community of Digamber Jains in USA and ultimately from the whole world. Together we hope to educate people about the Digamber philosophies, while working together to create Digamber Jain social outings, events, community centers, helping local societies to construct Digamber Jain temples separately or combined other faiths with a separate Ghabara (Vedi ) Room exclusively for Our faith. From time to time we will be distributing Digamber Jain literature to educate ourselves and our children are who are getting no atmosphere to learn our culture and religion.

I.D.J.O was founded in 2005 by Narendra Jain in the hopes of providing funds to build Digamber Jain Temples accross the USA.
To get register in the directory, please Click Here. Registration is free and by registering we can continue to keep you updated on all upcoming projects and events in the Digamber Jain World. Furthermore, by registering as a member you receive access to a searchable database of all other Digamber Jain members so that you may broaden your spectrum of Jain colleagues.

To be a voting member of this Organization and to fulfill its goals, please register as a donating member. This organization intends to send Digamber Jain literature to all its active contributing members free of cost.

If would like to donate to I.D.J.O please send an email to and fill up the attached form. Please mail the form along with a check for quarterly/ yearly contribution. For printing the member ship form Please Click Here.

Mailing Address:
10421 Lawyers Rd
Vienna, VA-22181
Thank You.