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Our Mission

Be a part of First Digamber Jain Temple In USA

 Donate for Digamber Jain Temple in USA
We are proposing to purchase land for the First Digamber Jain Temple in USA. This temple will be located in Northern Virginia. We need one acre land and it is likely to cost $1 Million. Since one acre consists of approx. 5000 square yards, cost of land per square yard will be $200.00. 
We are requesting all Digamber Jains of USA to unite and pledge for the cost of a minimum of five square yards of land per donor. 
The first four highest donor of land will get the privilege of “Bhoomi poojan” of land for the temple and will perform as Four Indras.

1. Saudharam INDRA
2. Eshan INDRA
3. Mahendra INDRA
4. Sanat kumar INDRA

The pledges will be collected only after we have received pledges for at least $500,000.00. You can pledge land individually or collectively as family.
Please fill up the following form to show your support. 
Pledge for Purchase of land for the first Digamber Jain Temple in Northern Virginia.
In keeping with the mission of the IDJO, once we successfully complete this temple, we will begin the process of identifying the site for the next Digamber Jain temple. Eventually, it is our goal to create Digamber Jain temples in most major metropolitan areas in USA.
 Donate for Digamber Jain Temple in USA